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Not gonna lie, I feel kind of sorry for Chronicles. I really like this game, yet I know that in reality, it's not really that good. I love this game's setpieces and how different the levels were compared to the last entry in the series. The idea of Lara "dying" is also very interesting to me. It adds a bit of character development unseen before in the series and it's a breath of fresh air, despite that it's oh-so-obvious that she wasn't really gonna die.

However, as much fun as I have playing this game, I can't deny the fact that it's just plain OK and I can definitely understand the criticism against it. It was made at a time when CD was completely overworked after 4 continuous years of making these games. Nearly nothing was added, the game was really short, the levels were much more linear compared to the previous games and the whole experience is just one big filler for the "AMAZING! NEW! NEXT GEN!" Angel of Darkness. It's definitely understandable why people were just tired of Tomb Raider at this point.

Still, for nostalgia reasons only, I will always love this game from the bottom of my heart just like all the classic TR games.
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