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Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
Could it have been shooting the floating head? Whilst I liked the idea and it was very tense it was a bit cumbersom to do.
I started playing this game very late back in 2008 i guess. Playing the little training area i got to know there are a few new moves and also noticed the smoothness of the gameplay in comparison to other classic games. I really liked the smooth frames of TRC. Went to streets of Rome played around till the 3 serpents boss fight. Got stuck there because of not having the 4th symbol to open the tomb/chamber. Had no ****ing idea that i had to shoot the floating head at all. Got stuck real bad. Played the game for a month and then left playing it. Then after an year or two, tried again. I played played and played till i accidentally shot the eyes of that son of a... And then got the symbol and continued. I cannot explain how happy i was that day. Then i played the whole game smoothly wothout getting stuck anywhere. The last few levels were fun but a pain in the arse at the same time. I'll still say enjoyed Rome, Russua, Ireland levels more. Sad it it was too short and it should've covered more mini stories.
It was a fine game and i don't feel like trashing it at all.
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