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Originally Posted by TrustyBow View Post
Unfortunately, Uncharted pretty much made it so that people only wanted bombastic, over-the top adventure games. It's kind of like how after God of War, people only wanted cinematic, high production character-action games, and series like DMC, Bayonetta and Ninja Gaiden basically flopped because they couldn't keep up.
Not everyone plays on PlayStation consoles, so Uncharted probably didn't have as much influence on the direction that the series went as some might love to think. It's that action adventures in general have become what the reboot games are: weird hybrids of stealth games, RPGs and action adventures, though the adventure part got dialed back a lot in those modern games.

IMO TR2013 is great the way it is. For me personally the problem is that Crystal and later Eidos didn't really improve any of the good things like the platforming and manual aiming (which in my very personal opinion is much superior to auto aim in a game where the primary combat system is shooting with long range weapons). Instead they made the crafting even more annoying, tedious and grindy by introducing different crafting materials and they put too much emphasis on the light stealth elements by giving Lara more stealth specific abilities. I was totally fine with the very light "the enemy won't attack you if he can't see you" stealth of TR2013, I don't need Splinter-Cell-style abilities in a game where there's no serious penalty for messing up being stealthy. Either go full-on stealth game and make it so that Lara will die very easily when she's not stealthy enough (which surely would upset a lot of people who aren't used to pure stealth games) or just keep it at a minimum like in TR2013 and maybe improve the enemy AI so that not every active enemy in an area knows where you are when just one detected you.

Also I don't like how the combat systems never really improved despite Crystal putting so much emphasis on combat. Manual aiming is great, but why does Lara need to move so slowly while aiming? Why can't she fire from the hip while running at full speed? It's not necessary to have the character move so slowly while shooting and there's tons of games to prove this. Fortnite, one of the most popular games at the moment, lets you shoot with pinpoint accuracy while moving at your regular speed and no one who plays the game complains about that, so why can't it be like this in Tomb Raider? Crystal put a really good gamepad aiming assistant into their Avengers game, so they know how to make great stick aiming systems. And on the PS4 (and PC) they can use gyro aiming for more precision which works much better than stick aiming. Just do something to improve the combat system if you insist on making it so important. Also, if Lara could move faster during combat, we could have more enemy variety and more animal and supernatural enemies, which is what everyone is asking for since TR2013.

Also while the optional tombs in TR2013 were nice, I'm not a big fan with the overabundance on non-mission-critical side stuff in Rise and Shadow. I would have loved if they would've put the side tombs on the main path, don't have these Metroidvania-wannabe semi open world hubs and instead a linear series of more complex levels. The new Doom games show perfectly how 90s level design philosophies can work great in modern games and Tomb Raider would be a great series to copy that.

As for the stories: I actually like Rise's story. It's simple, but it doesn't get too much in the way of the gameplay and it's pretty similar to the stories of the classics. IMO TR doesn't need a super complex and intruiguing story. IMO the best story in the series is AoD's but I can't see them creating anything similar if they don't go out of their way to also include multiple choice dialogue trees to make the player an active participator of the story.
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