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Originally Posted by SoraSakai View Post
That’s so weird. I had no idea anyone would consider these a collector item.
I sold mine to book-off and I got about 40 yen each for them haha

It’s really sweet to see you embrace Japan this way though. Thank you ^.^ I’m reverse version I guess? I always try to buy my games US aversion because I USA rating symbol is pretty lol
本当そう思ってる?フェア! これは絶対にレアな商品ね、$$高すぎたけど、興味に会う。君に本当違が うと思うの?たとえば。。英語に翻訳する日本語映画・ゲーム・音楽・吹替のが好きなの? ちょっと同じじゃ ない?   でもね、ありがとう、日本語を学んだことは俺に素晴らしくて、トゥームレイダー シリーズからよく上手になったそうだからありがたいをいつまでも持ってる。

トゥームシリーズの外に、日本人声優の声を聞いているのが大好きな勉強よ。聞いて書いて聞いて書いて聞いて 書いて。。Infinite日本語

For everyone else - My keenness for Japanese TR and both seperately, is because both things are very very big interests - both coming into my life at 5years old on my playstation, and my classroom at school. It just worked... and now I can speak conversational Japanese like a boss. I can't not watch and play them all over and over again, I literally learn a new way to say something 4 or 5 times in one viewing.
Australian, Japanese speaking TR addict.

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