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Smile Tomb Raider the Stone of Knowledge

Lara found an inscription,in Greece
The Legend says
Millenias ago the King of the Gods created the universe,accompanied by one of his trusty servant.He assistanced the god in the proccess of making universe he gives Him the ideas and the knowledge of The Universe,thus they work together to build the universe,the earth,and humans.The king of the god became jealous to one of His creation.The king of the Gods stand before him,thanked him and then he say "You know too much,more than i gave it to you.Your knowledge have surpassed mine." "forgive me Your highness" says the servant "No,it was my fault creating a servant that has more knowledge than the creator,rather than throwing you to the depths of hell,i will give you a small punishment.i will seal you inside a Crystal for eternity,then i'll throw you from the heaven,down to the earth,humans will make use from your knowledge" the King of the Gods says.Then the King of the Gods Seal him and throw him from the heaven.

It's been sayed that the Stone held such a knowledge that it can make a new civillization and technology beyond human knowledge.

Our Lara became curious and wanted to find the hidden knowledge,before the other archaeologist found it.

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