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I thought about using a save when landing safely but it felt wrong. I do, occasionally, save my way through difficult areas when doing a run like this but it feels a bit cheap.

I found using a roll when she recovers from the drop landing often worked to avoid the first attack set and I'd get one or even two of the wolves quite easily if I jumped LC back from there. But the third one circles differently each time and often comes in from left or right without LC locking on.

Not being able to do the tricky but useful forward jump with mid-air twist in TR1, my preferred technique in this sort of case, makes it more difficult. Here if you roll on landing from a forward jump that's when the wolf tends to get her.

On that second Pierre encounter where he refused to disappear, which also includes a new lion I actually dropped down into the arena and killed the lion from there. I tried the same thing with Pierre and thought I'd got him. However when LC climbed out I noticed him running back from the shrouded side of the arena so I hid LC in the nearby enclosed area near the first opened door.

Pierre arrived at the rocks near the climb out point so I moved LC around the 'pillar' and took some shots. He went into his shooting position so I jumped back, went around the other side and running and jumping I somehow closed on him without getting hit. I then used the usual run behind, roll, fire technique.

He started to run off back towards the exit and I thought that was it but instead of continuing he turned around and tried to loose off some more shots. So I ran at and past him again did the same roll and fire thing, he ran back towards the rocks, turned and again went into the shooting posture.

I think we did about three rounds of this before he final tagged her and even then he did not run off. The fight could have gone on forever if I hadn't ended it.

On reload I confronted him from a completely different position closer to the exit and and he disappeared down the passage towards the entrance to the building very quickly and did not return.
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