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In my opinion, killing the 3 dogs in Tomb of Qualopec with pistols and getting away with no scratch is mostly luck. Of course it needs a nice strategy, but that's only like 10-20%, the rest is luck. Also if you notice, sometimes when you shoot from a distance (about 3-4 blocks away for example), sometimes it takes 4 double-shots to kill a wolf, other times it takes 5, and in very rare cases maybe 6. I assume that's because Lara's aiming depends a little on luck, too. So i've come to the conclusion that in order to beat'em, you'll have to try until you get lucky.

Now about Pierre in Colosseum. He's pretty easy and he definetely dissapears after a while. Maybe it takes like 100 shots because he runs across the other side of the Colosseum, so maybe Lara misses or she inflicts less damage? I've encountered this in TR1, too. When an enemy is too far away, it takes way more shots to kill him. So, i advise patience.
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