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Well, you made my curiosity raise about this dog part, so i went for some trials

I found out that there is probably no "guaranteed success" way to deal with them and not take damage at all. There is the "luck" factor as stated in previous post, but i tried to find a way with higher possibility to succeed. I have tried several methods, but i choose this one as the most effective

1) First, stay as far left as possible

2) Roll 3 times to fall, and whilst falling, immediately pick up pistols

3) Start firing (she will probably start firing the wolf in the picture)

4) Jump to the right as soon as possible (the first wolf should be dead, so start aiming at another wolf). Also the wolf that approaches you, will probably never be quick enough to bite you in this spot

5) As soon as you land, immediately jump to the left

6) When you land, immediately roll

7) And immediately roll again

Tip: When falling and drawing guns, she might aim to the far left wolf, so better tap fast 3-4 times the action button to change for sure Laras aiming to the far right wolf

If the moves are executed as above, in my experience, Lara will be scratchless 30-40% of the time. It's 5-6 specific movements that work sometimes. I suppose it's better than going randomly down there without a plan.

If you want to give it a try, let me know the results.
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