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Originally Posted by sasho648 View Post
Talking about assets - recently I've gotten to write an exporter with the newest API (UWP) to the 3mf format included for 3d objects. I'm using js.

Anyway I've problem with indices how exactly can you make them flat - i.e. in groups of three, without duplicates, I'm talking about D3DPT_TRIANGLESTRIP groups as they seem to make most sense.

Because the current API will crash with unspecified error if there are duplicates.

The format is a list of vertices and then a list of indices in group of 3 with a user specified stride (i.e. you seem to be able to specify a stride of 2 so the first and last indices will be duplicated but alias this didn't fix the problem).

Thanks in advance.

Oh I'm dumb - it's right there in the documentation - ( degenerate triangle) - question is how could I specify this in the 3mf format.

Here is a link to the project (it is to my working directory so any updates will be automatically visible) - you need vs 2017 to open it (2019 doesn't support js).
If I/we could somehow publicly get ahold of this new exporter, I'd be very greatful
hi demi
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