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Originally Posted by interstellardave View Post
You guys do know that HHH only just lost the title about a week ago, LOL!? Rest assured he'll get it enough times to break Flairs' record...
lol!!I guess I sound like a title hog,just what Cena was not too long ago..

Originally Posted by interstellardave View Post
As for women wanting to kiss Kahli... have you seen the women they pick for him?! Yeccch!!!
yeah but don't you see all those hot women wanting to volunteer?lol...there was this time where there were 2 volunteers,one hot one and one fat one,but his manager wouldn't let him kiss the hot one,and khali was like "hey,I wanna kiss the hot one first" it was so funny

Originally Posted by Paddy View Post
Yeah and he lost it because Hardy got taken out
It doesnt bother me because like you said he can beat Flairs record, although is that a good thing?
Flair won it 16 times but also lost it 16 times, not the best title defender.
Triple H is different, his latest reign was outstanding.
I think most of these titles Flair's had weren't even WWE's,they were WCW titles...
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