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Default Top Cow comics

I started this trhead for those, who wants to talk about these comics too.

I started to reread Top Cow comics, turns out, I got my hands on a few one, that I didn't knew about.
Right now, I'm reading one called Tomb Raider: Epiphany.
I try to put in to the game's timeline, but I failed to do it.

I'll put the next texts in white, if you are planning to read it.

Lara is in Egypt, in a tomb what she discovered with Von Croy in the past. In that very same tomb Von Croy tried to kill Lara, but Lara escaped.
Now, she's facing Von Croy's daughter who's after something, that should be protected and long forgotten. (I won't tell more, don't want to ruin it)

There's a few panel, what shows Von Croy (with his cane) and teen Lara , so that could happened after Angkor Wat. What I try to put it together, his attempt to kill Lara, happened before or after VCI (TR5).

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