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Originally Posted by Trenton View Post
No, but I've always rooted for them ever since I was a little kid. Hopefully they'll exeed group stage, but Switzerland and Turkey are not to be underestimated I think.

Things are looking pretty bright for England too. Interesting to see they'll be facing off against Scotland. I love all things British so I hope both teams succeed from that group.

That group F is brutal though! Poor Hungary.
Any reason why you root for Italy?

It would be nice to see all British teams exceed the group stage but I can't imagine England and Scotland both exceeding the group stage; I think that Croatia will be one of the teams to make it out of that group. I think that Wales have a fair chance of exceeding the group stage.

And yes, Hungary do have it immensely tough; they're in the same group as two elite teams and one near-elite team.
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