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Originally Posted by TombRaider_Ed View Post
I think I said we're investing in the soundtrack, as in it's not just a cheap afterthought, but I wouldn't consider it expensive when you look at what a console game soundtrack would cost as ours is much shorter.

Also when you say "just" a mobile game I have to do my usual boring response - the mobile market is bigger than the console and PC market put together and as a result it's highly likely Reloaded will have more players than the console games. Doesn't mean it'll be successful of course (though we're working hard to make sure it has every chance!) but it means the effort that goes into each aspect of the game is still worthy of high investment.
Sorry when I say just I don't mean it to be disrespectful. I understand the mobile market has a larger audience but its sad to see such great things not in the media that we were asking for. I really like the fan service with Reloaded so far btw
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