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Originally Posted by Turok View Post
Tried Remastered_TR2_FMVs by LwmtE but they donīt work. Everytime i start them it opens a black Window (which Closes) but no Video. However in Windows (10) with RADTools i can watch the Videos. I have the Windows Essentials Codec Pack (The TR2 Videos can be watched also without this installed) installed since i Need it for Tomb Raider I Videos. I tried ffdshow (i just installed it but dont know how i should configurate it as i not see any bik (also called BINK) mention in it) , KLite Mega Pack.
Remastered FMVs have not been supported since some time now, read the help.
But the patch now can deinterlace the FMVs.

The option to play remastered FMVs will return without depending on the bink format in the next update, but since i have little time now, i can say when that will happen
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