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Originally Posted by TombGuardian View Post
oh ok thanks

Just a few time!

EDIT: I tried to see one with (flash), but I get this both on chrome and on edge.... I have adobe flash player

EDIT 2: I tried:
-Reinstalling the browser
-Reinstalling Flash
-Downloading the htm file

nothing works. Anyone knows how to fix please? :/
Sadly, I get the same thing, sorry I haven't checked this before. The site experienced a crash/hack a while ago and is now being remade, so some assets might be missing.

There is a FAQ thread here, where you might find useful info:

There is a Meta tutorial here, and I think it is aimed at TRLE:

Not sure if you need tutorials on just the modelling in Meta, or a general object making workflow?

Generally it is like this:

- use WadMerger to open up an existing WAD as a source, for example one of the original ones (tut1.was)
- copy 1 static mesh to the target WAD
- save the target WAD (as myfirstobject.was, for example)

- use StrPix to open up your new WAD, you should see your object in the 3D view along with textures (if it's not visible from the start try the Mesh drop down list)
- export the mesh model to DXF, there is an option for that in the menu

- go to Meta and import your DXF: use information in this tutorial to import it with correct size and orientation settings; there are additional possibilities mentioned in the comments as well:
- if you apply correct settings during import you should now be able to see your model in Meta as you saw it in the game, WadMerger and StrPix
- you can modify it, or use it as a base for a completely new one; it might be best to modify existing objects to get the hang of using Meta and the import/export process
- after you're done, export the model to DXF also using the information provided in the tutorial

- go back to StrPix and open up your WAD again, then import the DXF
- if you applied correct settings during export you should now see your new/modified model in place of the old one
- DXF files do not carry textures, so you will have to retexture your model; you can replace textures using StrPix import/export texture options, but if you want to add entirely new ones, you will have to do it in WadMerger using the Add Texture option
- after you are done texturing just save your WAD in StrPix and you will have your new object in the WAD
- you can open the WAD in WadMerger as the source, then open your target WAD (tut1.was, for example) in the target and copy the static mesh from your source WAD to the target WAD, and save the target WAD (preferably as a new copy tut1B.was, don't overwrite the current one)

be aware: StrPix will not save textures which weren't applied to an object, they will be discarded from a newly saved WAD
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