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The daily dash challenges are being reworked, they said so on their Discord cause pretty much everyone is complaining how unfair they are at the moment. They might as well be called Weekly Challenges as they are right now. So yeah, gotta wait and see what they'll do with it. They are also changing the Relics they said.

As for the Wheel Of Fortune with that I agree as well. I spent 8 tickets on the last level 3 times in a row and each time I got the lowest reward (1000 gold). Sure it's amazing when you hit that 20k reward but usually you get the lowest reward which probably has the highest % in the code to happen which is a shame. Spending 8 tickets just to get 1000 gold is depressing.

"or I'll keep playing City of Vilcabamba, which is all too easy by comparison" that's actually a thing you say for each level once you grind enough to get your Lara a few upgrades. I kept saying that as well and now my situation is that for Level 5 until I get powerful enough to one shot basically everything in Level 6.

At least login once a day to get that daily item crate and logout if nothing else.
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