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Oh hello! What a coincidence there are people posting today So, I finally reached St Francis Folly today. I will say first before getting into anything: the compensation provided to players who lost their progress was really, really good. I wasn't even expecting to get my character level and runes back so that was a pleasant surprise. If I had known from the start they would have given us that, I wouldn't have even been mad after the announcement. So, a sincere thank you. However, I still needed to upgrade my equipment to be able to get close to my stats before, so that's why it's taken me a couple weeks (and also, waning interest in the game in general caused me to not play as often). But yeah, St. Francis Folly at last

I haven't completed it yet, of course, but it has a very nice aesthetic and interesting new enemy types.

Ok, some things I've noticed on this update playing through the levels for the billionth time:

Chapter 1-3 is greatly rebalanced. I played through these before I received my compensation and had little problems getting through them with the minimum stats I had. I then got my stuff back and thinking I would get through City of Vilcabamba without any issues... I was dead wrong. I don't really understand how there can be such a disparacy between chapter 3 and 4 👀 I struggled already after the compensation and with Lara being level 22 or so, imagine attempting to complete it before the compensation... I don't even want to think about the amount of grinding needed... So I can completely understand tomblover being stuck there. Also, item drops rates are lower than ever, making grinding even more of a pain. I know I literally said a couple of months ago that they should rebalance the first 3 chapters and then they can do whatever they want with the following ones, to make the game seem more welcoming, and I'm glad they have apparently listened, but... I was wrong. Please do better 😬 Not to say there are no changes to chapter 4 but if anything, they seem to have made it harder than before, which I feel is unnecessary. The change to the charging raptor boss was a neat idea though, adding an additional raptor (with 3 raptors when you re-fight it in chapter 5).

For known bugs: there is a way to essentially get infinite money but... I won't reveal the technique because I'm a greedy bitch 😌 There was a hilarious glitch on the first boss in St Francis Folly where he was literally spinning non-stop and all I had to do was stand there and shoot him until he died... Where he still continued to spin I don't know if that happens every time but it was funny. I don't remember that many other major bugs, to be honest. The game is generally very stable right now and I would say the only thing they need to work on is frame rate improvements and graphics.

And that's it for feedback. I'm sure I'll be grinding a bit more in order to complete the new level, and when I do, I'll be sure to post anything worth mentioning here Also, pwease give us a new outfit in the next update

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