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The beauty of the staff was mostly in the spread shot powerup. Which was heavily nerfed. Now you basically need to be in melee range of an enemy to get benefit from that powerup, which is not a good idea in Level 6 with those deadly melee enemies.

But yeah, I'd still take a nerfed staff that can at least somewhat reliably hit those annoying rats over any other weapon.

Shooting your weapon and constantly missing is not fun, hence the staff. I personally think that the other weapons should be buffed, not staff nerfed. I mean unless they want to make their game less fun which is hopefully not the case.

As for the gold cheat yeah it works, I tried it. But it's too tedious to open and close the game constantly (at least to me), and besides, the gold was never the issue in this game for me. Other stuff is always lacking. Pre-purge I had a million gold as well with mostly nothing to spend it on. Would be cool if we could convert currency or something.

The fact that powerup choice on reset is always different and the wheel of fortune is predetermined is kinda bs. Always knew that these games don't really do "chance" with these types of things. Everything is predetermined and the stuff with lowest reward surely has a higher priority over the higher rewards. In a perfect world all choices would have equal % of being selected, but that is not the case here.

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