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Yeah, R.I.P spread shot powered staff

I agree about the gold. They could make more uses for it. Perhaps they could allow us to buy crates with it or missing resources? Yeah, you can do that with gems already but why not give us the option? Either spend 50 gems on this or 100,000 coins. It's true gold is required to upgrade everything but never by itself, another resource is always needed, much rarer resources, so our collected gold ends up gathering virtual dust, so to speak.

While we are on the topic of upgrades, does anyone else feel it's slightly unfair that even after grinding and gaining experience to "level up", you still need to spend runes and gold to actually level up? I don't really understand this mechanic. Can you imagine if in a RPG game like FF, you defeat monsters in fight after fight, and you finally level up, but wait - you now need to spend in-game currency to unlock the benefits of something you've already done? I don't get it. Right now, I'm level 23 out of 33 - that's 10 levels of experience that I played for but they mean nothing because I don't have enough runes? By the time I even collect enough to to get to level 25 or something, I could be level 35, and so on. It will take ages before I catch up. What is the point? There has to be a more balanced, fairer way around this. Perhaps lessen the amount of runes required, or simply get rid of them? Just let us be that level we fought for? Just throwing around ideas here.

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