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You're more than welcome! spent so many years just toying with these classic level files with these tools for fun! Figuring out what does what! So definately enjoy what other mods have been made for now absolutely! And you can always try it yourself again hehehe.

I would indeed say TR2-5 are easier to mod because of that red texture issue not occurring for one and maybe some other factors.

Some other good luck here is
Tr2 and tr3 levels fetch their internal sfx via another file in the data folder called main.sfx, you're unlikely to get sfx bugs unlike TR1 or tr4 level modding (these have their sfx WITHIN each level file).

For tinkering I'd suggest playing with TR2 and tr3 first due to the smoothness and likelihood of success

Modding TR4 levels (post built from the original game) is considered somewhat redundant due to animation and sound glitches that arise, and TR5 levels dont work at all in trviewer ;( so for a beginner I'd definately try the ropes on TR2 or tr3 level changes first
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