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Originally Posted by Sadge View Post
First of all, to everyone involved with these updates, amazing work! My computer certainly thanks you for a smooth-running game.

So, everything works as it should except for one small controller issue; the game doesn't seem to let me rebind any keys to either the d-pad, or the left/right analog sticks on my 360 controller.

I'd like to rebind sidestep left/right to the right analog stick. I currently have them bound to the left/right triggers, which is fine, but now I have no room for the flare key.

I just wanted to see if there might be a solution or workaround before I go ahead and use key mapper software. I read through the relevant threads, so apologies if I missed something.

That's how the game is. The idea of AHK injector is just to translate DirectInput Calls to Xinput. The game doesn't allow you to remap the analog sticks even in a DirectInput controller
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