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Hey guy! Itís been a while since I posted here lol I miss the DLC rollout months ugh! Good but dark times (Iím talking about you dlc8) Anyway, this update was such good news, I thought they would never bother with it, Iím happy even though I donít own a PS5/XBOXSX (and wonít for a looong time). I found this video where they tested the upgrade on all new gen consoles and compared it with the PS4 pro too.

Unfortunately, all these type of videos only tested the first hours of the game. I wish I could see how the frames hold in Paititi where the PS4 and XONE struggles most and the loading time while playing DLCs.
Loading screens are still fairly long on the PS5 (especially if compared to the series x) but I would take 25ish seconds over the PS4ís 1:30min with no complaints lol

So, have anyone completed the game after the update? With the DLCs and stuff? Any complaints? I would love to hear your experience on any of the consoles!
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