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I finished the game last night. Played on survivor for first time (definitely made more enjoyable) and collected as many documents and searched all tombs and read all murals. And........ I low key actually quite like the story now . Maybe it's because I have a better understanding of it now and know the backstory of elements such as Jacob, and the crypts built specifically for the people who helped build Kitezh etc. Only thing I'd still fault massively is Camilla (seriously started pissing me off with her breathing and weiiiiiiird miss match delivery, almost sounding deep and croaky while talking about artefacts - there was honestly no need for the way she delivered most of her lines), the voice acting in general, the writing, the pure patheticness of Jonah getting kidnapped (Seriously no reason for them to kidnap him, just take the atlas that's in his hands. And THEN Trinity interrogate him for.....information? What information exactly? And then when Jonah gets the chance to shoot Konstantine, Jonah just stands there with his mouth open dribbling like "duuuuhhhhh"..... and then gets himself stabbed! )

So my mind has done a 180 in regards to the story, minus the irksome elements that bring it down.

So I have a question: The Deathless Ones brought down the fall of Kitezh by causing an avalanche, so why is the whole city seemingly under a glacier dome, and not physically buried amongst snow and ice?

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