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I have not try to make something like that, but I am theorizing that yes, it's possible with the NGLE

That action would need 3 commands.

1- A flipeffect to force an animation on Lara, it may be possible to force her into the falling animation (330 POLE_FALL).

The poleorope could be separated in two objects, the actual polerope (invisible, mesh) and an animating (the rope itself),

2- So another command should activate the animating to show the rope falling

3- And the real polerope should move away (maybe move it under ground) to ensure Lara can't keep using it anymore. There is another ActionNG able to move the entity up or down.

So that would be the action, but the how or when you call it... żafter X time?, you could use a simple rollingball and activate those 3 triggers on it.

Or you could combine them in the script as a TriggerGroup and activate them with an Organizer.
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