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You can put those 3 triggers on a same sector, make them heavy and activate them with a Rollingball.

But you can also put them in a script and activate them "out of the editor".

When you put a trigger in the editor, in the window appears a weird serial number like:


If you paste that code in the script after the word TriggerGroup=

For example, I make a trigger in the editor, a Trigger, Flipeffect 80, (activate animation on Lara) and I choose the animation 330, it shows the next ID: $2000,80,$004A

So in the script, I put the next:

TriggerGroup= 8, $2000,80,$004A

(the 8 is an ID for the trigger, there can't be 2 TriggerGroups with the same ID in the same Level).

Then you can use that flipeffect to perform the TriggerGroup (number 8 in this case).

That's the same that if you put the flipeffect for Lara animation directly. The strong point is that with TriggerGroup, you can put multiples triggers in the same line, and activate them with more complex mechanisms.

But for the falling rope, I think is not needed to dig much more over there @_@

On another note, the Organizer, is another "object" like the triggerGroups, you can put the script, it's like a clock, yo activate it in the editor (there is a flipeffect to activate the organizer) and then it start to count, you can set a number of triggers to be activated at X time:

Organizer= 3, FO_TICK_TIME, IGNORE, 0, 24, 210, 25, 60, 26

When the editor activates the Organizer 3, it will count every frame, (each second are 30 frames), so,
- in the frame 0 it will activate the trigger 24
- After 210 frames, it will activate the trigger 25
- After other 60 frames, it will activate the trigger 26.
(remember to stop the organizer when you don't need it, there is another trigger for that).

So, It's another NGLE temporizer.


Oh, I noticed I forgot the condition. (otherwise the trigger would activate for Lara just be in the sector), there is also a trigger ConditionNg that can check if Lara is doing X animation or in X state ID, you can put it in the sector of the poleorope before to see if activate the Rollingball or not.

(another easier is the condition of the height, understanding that Lara can only reach X height if she is in the polerope, but well... choices, choices, choies...)
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