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Nice to see a fellow writer. I really enjoyed your work Rai. I'm a published poet myself, here is one of my poems that got published in a book earlier this year

Spring Flowers

I watched your elegant bare sandal less foot crush down the grass
Aqua Marine perfected nails defined sublime beauty at last
Golden blonde hair complimented the visual of a crisps morning sunrise
Electric blue eyes took me by surprise
Please come back and be untimely still
I just need another glimpse from my third floor window seal.

Perfume that completes your pale sun screened skin
Peach flavored soft lips make me subtly grin
I lost my way following your finely crafted thighs
Ignored all of your obvious made up lies

You had me from the start on that sunlit spring day
Knocked all of my impenetrable defenses away
Your very voice was like a poem with every syllable you say
Such a shame I couldnít find the crucial words to make you stay
The bitter sun has set turning the clear blue into dark bright star skies
I promise Iíll think of you before I finally close my eyes
"I was always Queen, it was you that added the evil to my name"- Regina Mills
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