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Originally Posted by Greenapple968 View Post
Things started to go downhill, and so you sacked Arsene Wenger. However, things have gotten even worse since sacking him. Should Arsenal have kept Arsene Wenger? Should they try and get him back? Or is the problem not the manager? I do wonder what will come of Arsenal; I think that the chances of them winning the title next season are slimmer than the chances of them being relegated. Although I don't think they're at risk of going down.
Yeah I don't think there is any risk of Arsenal being relegated after next season, but they won't win for sure. I was always against the sacking of Wenger, because it felt like an undecent way to treat him after all those years. And I don't think they would have done any worse if he was still at the helm today, probably they'd do better in anything. Still, I can't really picture Arsenal getting back at the top again with Wenger tbh.
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