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Originally Posted by jajay119 View Post
I think the problem is when we normally see an origins story it's a short concise thing that last one installment or less. Crystal have taken Lara right back to reset and are showing Lara in the time when Core were happy to just state what happened.

This Lara doesn't feel like Lara yet because she isn't. In effect CD are taking a lot of time to show us how Lara gets to be the person she was, presumably, by the time we just jumped in with her as a fully formed 28 year old with Core. So it feels a lot longer and her character feels a lot more different.
That should be marked in bold, next to the rules on this fórum.

May I ask if the people who hate the reboot know how the multiverses work? Reboot universe will not turn into the classic universe because both are parallel universes. Some things are still the same but there are big differences, mostly in the hero's origin story that shape her personality and her surroundings. And this is the easiest way to understand It.
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