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Originally Posted by veigafd View Post
It's usually the guy that get out from the cabin at 0:54 seconds on your video that ruins the fun for me. Im addicted to kill that one first since he sees me a lot, sometimes when im entering the front cabin like I did or when I try to do like you did, he comes to spy on me on the bushes and then everyone starts to come along and the gun fest starts.

Originally Posted by Mickybyrne20 View Post
OMG I KNOW!! I had to do this area 50 times because he kept seeing me, but I kept doing it because the triple Molotov kill looked badass, and I'm stubborn haha.

The stupid cutscene of the helicopter sometimes won't skip, ugh very annoying.

I'm doing Research Base next, and it's testing my patience. I can't let the game beat me. Once I see a cool kill sequence, I have to replicate it. I struggle to get badass kills, and not be repetitive.
What difficulty you guys are playing on?
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