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Originally Posted by Maverin View Post
Unpopular opinion incoming:

I think that all the classics ranging from TR1 up till Chronicles are extremely easy when it comes to the combat. I've always been playing the games pistols only and no-scratch challenge, even as a child I never used anything besides the pistols and never used any medipacks because I was scared I'd run out of them once I reached the tougher enemies at the final stages. However, as time passed I just adapted that playstyle permanently and never used what I had been saving up all that time anyway.

That's why I decided to replay the games again, but this time as intended: using medipacks, using all the weapons and just play with the flow. Everyone is always talking about how hard these games are but surely you're not talking about the combat? I've never played games easier than these ones really, and I'm not saying this to brag. Almost all the enemies have very low HP and weapons hit really hard. You are basically being bombarded with ammunition and medipacks in every level and the A.I. is so plainly coded that you can outwit them almost all the time. These games are one of the best puzzle games out there, and that's where they shine and where the difficulty lies. But combat? Absolutely not.

What are your opinions? Do you feel differently and why? Genuinely curious
I found the Atlanteans kicked my ass sometimes.

As well as dying alot in TR2 on my current playthrough because I thought it'd be fun to kill the monks and now I'm trying to make every medpack last as long as possible due to constantly being out of them.

TR3's combat difficulty basically boils down to when you do Nevada and how good you are at finding secrets.

AOD has a risk/reward element with how damage scales according to distance, since getting close saves ammo but can mean a single Cabal trooper can kill Lara in a single burst sometimes and stealth kills require Lara to actually get behind the person while slowly walking rather than the magically completely silent headshot that's an industry standard for some reason nowadays.

Its admittingly not super difficult since alot of the difficulty comes from them having traps/difficult platforming (More things pretty much missing from the Reboots.) but 2013 is one of the easiest TPS games ever so it still ends up way easier than most of the classics.
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