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It is actually the first bat cloud I'm talking about. It is very close to the start where you open the gate from another mask/switch and then go there. When you operate the second switch a block comes out of the wall further back allowing you to climb up to the first floor apartments. You can not avoid, by legitimate means, having to do that as you need a key from there to enter the next area.

The bats actually come out from the bottom of the mask/switch which is why jumping up initially avoids damage. But the moment LC lands she gets bitten. As said you can not jump/backflip or jump/backflip/tumble because the gate you opened only rises a certain amount and doing either means you hit it and fall back down.

I tried just tumbling but unless there is some inconsistency LC still appears always to take damage. I also tried another technique that I think worked in some places in the earlier games, just crouching. But again - no luck as is shown in the YT video below, the relevant section is at about 12.00mins:-

As you can see merely crouching/backing out still results in damage.

That other ^^ YT video of the second(?) bat cloud avoidance looks to me to be very much what I did there on my previous no medipack runs. Useful to be reminded of that though.
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