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I loved this game despite being not very OG TR like, like it was way too easy for example, and specially way too short, i remember i was so shocked how short it was, i don't have that feeling much usually except for recently RE3R (very good and very short too). But i love it mostly because i missed too much Lara at the time, also i wasn't playing very much videogames because i was at the end of my scholarship and that was my only focus during this year (i played for 2 weeks during that year), so i was like someone who didn't eat anything for 2 weeks and then suddenly he got to eat the best meat in the best restaurant. And of course it was a very good game a well.

Graphics were outstanding (still looks quite good today), Lara redesign was awesome and she cool in that game too ( a bit different but still cool) , the game was a lot of fun, usually i wouldn't describe TR games by fun but that's really how i would describe Legend for the most part.

Considering during that time i was hearing a lot of people saying TR is dead franchise and all, but then she come back with Legend, it was so neat and make shut up all those "TR is dead" people's mouth.

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