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Question Game crashes after main menu on PC

So I haven't played Temple of Osiris in a while but it was still installed on my PC. I can start it and it goes to the main menu, but when I want to start the game from there, the screen goes black and then it crashes.

What I've tried to far:

Uninstalling and reinstalling in a different location (on my SSD as opposed to my HDD where it was installed before).

Deleting the save files, deactivating the Steam cloud and starting it with a new save.

Uninstalling, deleting the config files from the Registry, installing it again and starting it.

This solution from the Steam forums:

Restarting my PC.

Playing in windowed mode.

Playing at 60Hz with Vsync enabled.

Nothing helps, the game still keeps crashing. Does anyone know about a solution for this?
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