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Originally Posted by Chamayoo View Post
I failed to see what games have Norse mythology before Underworld in 2008. It was never done to the series before. I think it was done to death after this game release : Skyrim, God of War 4, AC Valhalla, ect.
I don't really quite share this opinion, Egypt has been done to death for instance but it's a good classic so it's no difference for me.
I mean, it's the same deal with Egypt. TR4 and The Mummy sort of cemented the idea that if it involves tombs and ancient relics, that Egypt is a staple. And in TR4's case, Core only set the game there because of how popular it was in TR1.

My gripe with it specifically comes from having no buildup prior to Underworld. Legend focuses on pseudo-Arthurian lore, then Anniversary does a 180 towards Atlantean culture strictly because of Natla, then Underworld suddenly becomes about her ushering in Ragnarok through the Midgard Serpent. Where was any of that in the previous two games? What is Natla's connection to all of that even though she was established as an Atlantean queen alongside Tihocan and Qualopec? The list goes on.

Underworld might've been the first big game series to tackle it at the time, but Norse mythology has been a popular topic in general for a good while now.
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