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I heard there was an update on this during a TR: Legend stream. Does anyone have a source so I can provide a transcription?

edit - found it. 25:42 in this video

Meagan: The other... thing, um, we've had lots of questions, so the other update was, we have had a lot of questions on the TR: Underworld DLC. So this is kind of like a, a, a good and a bad. This has been an adventure, so... heh, I learned quite a lot about legal, and development and all this sort of stuff. And the good news is that we made a lot of progress, um, and, and that's really exciting. The challenge is, that this will actually take dev resources to get the DLC... onto another platform, onto PC, u-um, because we have to update control schemes, and Q&A, and all of that kind of stuff. So, we currently don't have the allocate--the resources to allocate, to allocate to that. So, you know, we really, really, really, really tried to see if we could get this to happen this year. Likely... won't. However, um, you know, there--there, you know, we don't have a time frame for it, but things are... things are looking good, but we will, um, likely not have anything this year, and, and we'll try to figure out how we can get resources allocated to that, and--and in the future, it'll be something to look forward to. So, you know, it's--like I said, it's a pro and a con. We're excited that we made progress; we just need to figure out that challenge. Um... yeah.
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