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I love the sheer fright, panic, and surprise in Claire's voice when she spots a zombie. She is rather feisty and has a lot of emotion but her cussing didn't bother me. It's a lot, but not too much. Her actress really sells it.

Now take Ellie in TLOU, she cusses way too much. Luckily she's not irredeemable or a complete brat. Chloe from Life is Strange is. It's so try-hard and really grating. Her personality is beyond my patience. Moira's cussing was almost as cringe worthy but she's not intolerable. But her cussing was overdone but I could at least stand her.

Jill cussed too much for what I would have expected/wanted of her. It was like they had a quota. I will never not hate her Apocalypse bull**** personality. Now that was pure garbage.
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