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I didnt knew that there were poseable tomb raider figures out there except the ones from...Play arts?Figuarts?

If hot toys and other companies would slow down and chill for a bit...i would find the time and money to get some of those Tomb Raider figures and statues.

They look pretty sweet Alpharaider47.

Originally Posted by Wooxman View Post
Her nipples are poking through her top.

I never got this "buying an expensive doll and then replacing everything with other expensive parts, so in the end it's basically a completely different doll", but if that makes you happy you should go on! I like the original boots better, but if you want to replace them, I'd suggest searching for biker boots if doll biker boots are a thing. Legend Lara's boots are based off of biker boots.

And I own this TRU action figure. It has a hideous face, which is something that haunted Lara figures for quite a while.
Yeah, the customization thing was never mine either.
I like to pose them and all that, but thats it.

Probably has also to do with the pretty creepy stuff i saw when it comes to customization...i mean creepy when i say it.
You can actually buy anatomical correct figure parts and bodys that can be posed in specific poses...if you know what i mean(since were not in the mature section here i cant go into details. XD)
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