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Originally Posted by Wooxman View Post
Her nipples are poking through her top.

I never got this "buying an expensive doll and then replacing everything with other expensive parts, so in the end it's basically a completely different doll", but if that makes you happy you should go on! I like the original boots better, but if you want to replace them, I'd suggest searching for biker boots if doll biker boots are a thing. Legend Lara's boots are based off of biker boots.

And I own this TRU action figure. It has a hideous face, which is something that haunted Lara figures for quite a while.
I think that's due to the nature of the material in her top... it's not very noticeable in person.

My motivations for this undertaking were that when I was younger I had wanted this figure, but I never had the financial forethought to save money, and so I never managed to get it. I found this one for a really good price, so it was an opportunity to accomplish a dream from yesteryear, but also put the extra money that I thought I would have to have spent into getting a second body and head to make it look like I imagined it to look as a kid. Eventually both figures will be displayed together.

I like the original boots as well, but the tolerances are so tight that it's difficult to get them back on the feet, let alone with the socks. I have been hoping to find something of similar dimensions that I can modify/scratch build parts for to make them look the part.

And yes, I agree the original face is hideous. The sculpt is pretty good though, so with a new coat of paint it could look great. At the moment that's a bit out of my realm of expertise, but once I jump back into model painting I will take a crack at it. Until now I've mostly focused on painting aircraft and spacecraft. I'm working on a 1/144 aircraft carrier right now and I occasionally paint 1/100 and 15mm tabletop wargames figures. Basically small stuff where you can fudge detail, 1/6 scale will be much less forgiving to me, hence my reservations.
Boldly Go.

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