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Originally Posted by ANoDE View Post
Nice challenge!

Personally, I couldn't do it. The "No Loads" part of it would make me scream in pain (I really don't want to repeat myself over and over again). Everything else seems doable, though.

If I would try to attempt this challenge, I'd probably allow myself to use loads at the beginning of each level, so that if I (or the game) fail(s), I wouldn't have to restart the whole game.

Anyway, thanks for posting your guide. I'm sure they'll be helpful to people attempting this.
It is a challenging way to play the game. Very frustrating at times, but the satisfaction at the end is so good.

Originally Posted by Famicom View Post
That's one hell of a challenge. Can't wait to see how you deal with certain parts of the game

I still remember when I started a video walkthrough in similar conditions. The big difference was that I recorded one level at a time. And I thought that was a nightmare! That was done on the MSDOS version. Then TombATI appeared and I thought it would be worth starting all over again, so I stopped recording by St. Francis'. Never really continued with the videos, though.

It's good to see people are still showing their appreciation and record new walkthrough/gameplay videos but with something new to offer.

Thanks for sharing!
Thanks for your support! Giving me more motivation to continue this series of videos!

The next videos will be about "Caves". It will arrive in some days though: I am studying for an exam at my university, sorry in advance for that you will need to wait a bit more for the next video
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