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@dcw123 I understand what you mean. I was not surprised as I did not expect a Remake but a Reimaining like they did with 2.


- Something feels off with Nemesis, He looks ugly but not in a scary way, His teeth/mouth look dumb. Don't care for his reimagined model.

- Jill is pretty, though she looks younger than Remake Claire. Hair reminding me of Alice from the movies. Would have loved if they used Julia Voth for her face.
FearEffect did a render of Jill earlier this year and she looks very similar to this remake model. He also did this which I love

- The new resistance characters being two more stereotypes...Boring.

- Someone else said what I thought about Carlos, him looking like FearEffect's Chris with long curly hair

Anyway this is based on the renders and Jill screen. Let us see what else comes.

I hope they don't make the game half Jill, half Carlos. They better leave his ass as a side character.
Him being with her on the cover just had me thinking if they promoted him to have a bigger role.

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