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God Of War on the PS2 is a good+ game and may appeal to some TR fans here if they've not thought to try it.

It is very 'sword' combat orientated even more so than the Ubisoft Prince Of Persia games of the same period too. Whilst more linear than a TR or PoP it still has elements that might appeal to some TR enthusiasts. There's plenty of climbing, lever operating, a bit of rope swinging, some puzzles (good ones I think), some exploration and, of course, platforming.

The latter is made deeply annoying in many circumstance by a camera that deliberately swings 180 degrees at just the wrong point and also hides the wider view. With no first-person option you cannot see up/down/left/right unless the game lets you.

There's a lot of running towards the camera too with no option to reset the camera behind Kratos. Some tasks are far more difficult than they should be because of that.

It also has a hateful auto-prompt asking whether you want to swap to the Easy difficulty setting every damned time you fail an area and have to repeat it a couple of times. That is kept up throughout the game - really, really annoying.

So not, in all those respects up to TR standards, but still a good, very playable game that might appeal.

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