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Default TR3 Graphics Settings - Software Mode vs Hardware Acceleration

I'm currently trying to get the ideal settings for TR3 on the PC.

I have downloaded a patch by Arsunt, and also a patch by Sardoc to remove the health crystals, plus add other fixes.

While the game is running fine so far, I am noticing some minor graphical problems that are bothering me:

In the setup, when I select "Hardware Acceleration", the font for level names, menu options, and items in the inventory becomes somewhat distorted (letters look jagged) and objects and textures with transparency (such as leaves, gratings, doors etc) look very pixelated. Also, the barbed wire in Nevada and London is barely visible.

All this is resolved when I select "Software Mode" in the setup (instead of "Hardware Acceleration"), however then all the textures in the level have these odd "movements" as I run through it (for lack of a better word) and being underwater looks really bad - nothing but rips and cracks and red blotches across the screen.

So does anyone know of a way to fix this? I tried to describe the problems as best as possible and I hope someone knows a fix for this.
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