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Arrow The Boat Only Damages Windows When You're Riding On It (Venice)


Welcome to Venice. The boats are vehicles that are meant to be needed in order to complete the level. When you're riding them you can break windows and other boats by driving through them. There's a slope that you can drive up which leads to windows surrounding the jade secret; the jade dragon. When you drive up the slope, normally you smash through the windows and land in the water beyond the windows. However, it's possible to jump off the boat while riding up the slope. The boat continues to travel up the slope, through the windows and into the water. If you do jump off the boat before it goes through the windows then the windows don't break, even though the boat has gone straight through them. It seems that the boat only damages windows while you're riding it, and the boat alone can't damage glass. This has no useful purposes, but I found it interesting none the less and decided to share it.
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