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Originally Posted by Tomb Raidering View Post
I see a lot of confusion around the forums regarding the dev/publishers’ relationship with TR.

Developer studios Core Design and Crystal Dynamics were under the publisher Eidos Interactive. Then a British publisher company named SCi bought Eidos Interactive, owning the studios and the IPs. Then SCi openned a game studio called Eidos Montreal, which had no relation with Eidos Interactive apart from developing video games for them. Now there were 4 game studios under SCi/Eidos Interactive (IO Interactive, Core Design, Crystal Dynamics, Eidos Montreal). Core Design got sold off and Square Enix began offering biddings to acquire SCi/Eidos. Eventually they acquired the company, renaming Eidos Interactive to Square Enix Europe. Everything is mostly the same, apart from re-naming and moving offices...

On a side note: I wonder how it would have been if Core Design’s selling was postponed until Square Enix’s acquisition? Would SE had helped them re-flourish?
Great post! I would also add that, probably, SE determines when TR games are released and how they are advertised. Just like Sony (who owns Naughty Dog) determines when ND games are released and how they are advertised. Sony, seemingly, is willing to give more leeway to their developer than SE. Thus ND gets to push back TLOU2 while CD/EM got what they got.
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