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^^ This sounds both amazing and like an absolute behemoth of an undertaking. Being able to export things directly to wad format would certainly be amazing.
If you need anything tested during development let me know!

Originally Posted by Bergus View Post
Maybe I'm wrong, need to see better the Wad Tool code.
Do you mean the latest build that is currently being worked on?
TE / WadTool etc are open source, but I don't know if the pre-release builds are also freely accessible - I assume you'd have to ask Lwmte.

edit: I just discovered what the issue was with importing models using the replace model option. It does apparently not work if the model has quads; the faces need to be triangulated, so this actually had nothing to do with WadBlender as such (I'm sorry , a million apologies!)
It worked with models exported as .3ds from WadViewer because the .3ds files get triangulated automatically (either on export from WadViewer or on import into Blender, I don't know). In addition to that WadTool imports the meshes with quads just fine if you import them one by one using the import mesh function.
edit2: Have to correct myself again - you can import models that have quads using replace model. I tried replacing all meshes of the bat model with the blender start cube, left the quads and could import that without problems, so let's just cautiously say that whatever the problem may be, in some cases triangulating the meshes helps? this is so wierd

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