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Originally Posted by _Seth View Post
I know this game gets a bad wrap but I get a lot of enjoyment out of it. Here are some things I really love about the game. Post your own, too.

  • The only classic TR to be in 60FPS (or at least it feels like it!)
  • Unusually high quality audio quality for the time, rivalling even later TR games. Shout out to the pistols SFX
  • Beautifully directed FMV's which ooze style and an elegant European class
  • The most comprehensive move-set of all the Core Design TR's
  • It dipped it's feet in some next gen features such as; keypads, stealth, headshots, grapple gun
  • VCI being a great example of pure classic level design but in an urban setting. I like it when Lara enters James Bond territory instead of Indiana Jones territory sometimes
  • Ireland and it's art style succeeding at retaining heaps of colour while portraying a foreboding atmosphere

Really.. I know TR2 was locked at 30fps but are you sure Chronicles was the first TR Game to be playable at 60fps?. I would have thought either maybe TR3/TR4 perhaps
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