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Originally Posted by LateRaider View Post
wow, your dedication to the series sure is impressive.

as for TR:A, i think it might be best to use the xbox 360 version, actually. the ps3 version is missing the "LOS ALAMOS, NEW MEXICO 1945" text. it also looks like they zoomed in on it and then cropped it, added bloom, and then desaturated the video. i took some screenshots of HD let's plays...

pc opening
xbox 360 opening
ps3 opening

regardless of this, there's one difference between the console versions and the pc version: X360 and PS3 (and PS2 as well) say "A CRYSTAL DYNAMICS GAME with BUZZ MONKEY SOFTWARE," but the PC version says "A CRYSTAL DYNAMICS GAME with NIXXES SOFTWARE."

i'm not sure if it'd be worth it to preserve the proper credits or not. (i vote "yes" so it looks authentic.)
No need! Thanks to Eddy's TR Channel I found a way to get the PC version of the game to natively render it out at 4k in engine, so I've made it from that!
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