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Default New Update:

The next update is here!

Here are the fixed and upgraded textures for Peru. I've done my absolute best to take screenshots that do a good job of showing off the changes. The problem though is that it's really difficult to see all the new detailed textures in a compressed jpg image over the internet. It's much easier to see everything that's been changed when actually playing in-game. Almost every texture has received an upgrade. This includes lots of smaller textures like posters, the water surfaces, cobwebs, wooden planks and more but these smaller changes are impossible to pick up on in a screenshot so I couldn't get images of every single change. Here are some notable ones:

I've also updated my skyboxes and loading screens upgraded mods because there were a few changes I made to make some of them look even cleaner. All these new files will be linked on the masterpost. I'm also planning on adding a couple of new fixes I've found to the OldGen+ mod but I'm experiencing a weird glitch with some of the textures right now so I can't update it yet.

Regarding the DRM files: I am making progress with them but unfortunately it will take a while as I still don't have a lot of free time to work on this at the moment. It's such a long and complicated process to unpack the game's files and repack them with new textures. Thankfully Japan is a very short level so I will have the upgrades for that completed much quicker
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