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Originally Posted by Jathom95 View Post
For how things turned out, I like Chronicles enough as one of the classics. It's short, but fulfilling and they did have some good ideas sprinkled throughout.

However, knowing that it at least partially contributed to the development issues with AOD, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't probably best to end the classic era at TR4 and move on to "The Next Generation" from there. Core didn't make Chronicles because they wanted to, but because they had to.

And who knows, maybe things still would be turned out the same way. But I've always felt this way. It's a love-hate relationship.
I feel the same way you do in a lot of ways.

I know that in many ways, TR5 is to blame for a lot of the failures that AOD suffered. However, I will still say this:

I wish we would have gotten more TR5 style games.

With all the perpetual delays AOD went through, it would have been amazing to get even more Chronicles games during the delay-years. Just think: AOD gets delayed until 2002, so we get another Chronicles in 2001... and then AOD gets delayed until 2003, so we get a final Chronicles game in 2002.

Granted, I know this would've made TR an even bigger laughing stock in the gaming media, and I know the development teams would have most likely committed suicide. Buuuut... as a die-hard-fan, more of Lara's mini past adventures would've been like a drug.

I also know that AOD would have suffered even more if the team had been kept split for the sake of Chronicles. But, it also seems like some Chronicles devs did not transition back to AOD but instead just left the company (like Joby Wood and Andy Sandham, unless I am mistaken) so theoretically they could have kept some members on and separate from AOD. Also, I wonder why they didn't get Philip Campbell and the small American team from the Gold games involved for this. Not only could this have helped Chronicles, but also helped AOD, and also possibly given us one or two more mini-adventures from Lara's past to be released during the long AOD-interim.

Just my thoughts. I know AOD is less than it could have been in part due to Chronicles, but I still love the Chronicles formula of getting some mini-adventures from Lara's past that don't retcon or break with the original canon. It would have been cool if (in the same way that they gave us insight into the Iris artefact which appears in THREE games) they would have maybe given us insight into: Lara's Himalayan plane crash, discovery of the Ark of the Covenant, and killing Bigfoot.

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