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Question Edison Engine?

Greetings, guys.
Browsing the page that PCGamingWiki has dedicated to Tomb Raider, I found the solutions that exist to play this game on new systems: Tomb1Main, TombATI, and one that jumped out at me that I didn't know about, the EdisonEngine, from Steffen Ohrendorf.
This claims to be a reverse engineer of the executable distributed on Steam, running directly with OpenGL.
The visual result is not very different from Tomb1Main, with the difference of adding effects that could hypothetically be obtained through SweetFX or something else. But what really stands out for me is the inclusion of a control scheme identical to the original PSX version and surround sound via OpenAL (positional audio is vastly improved, I think I've noticed occlusion and obstruction effects). It has been very pleasant to run and listen to the classic wolves, bats and bears chasing me.
I had some graphical issues, it seems due to my graphics card. Maybe it runs better in yours. I leave the GitHub repository link, in case you are interested.

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